Fast-cooking shrimp provide a nutritious and elegant protein in a busy family’s meal. Delicious, easy, and versatile shrimp can fit your lifestyle.

Prepared in our production facilities in Thailand, all Thai Gold shrimp are frozen close to the harvest site to deliver all the freshness and taste of premium shrimp to your plate.

Thai Gold shrimp are highly regarded by Food Service Operators (restaurants and other professionals) for the consistent premium quality our carefully controlled processing delivers.

Since 2004, Thai Gold shrimp have become a first choice for discriminating shrimp lovers. Our consistent quality and value have earned the trust of our many loyal customers. They reach for our eye-catching blue and gold packaging again and again when the best quality counts—at their family dining tables.

Canadian Market

In Canada, Thai Gold premium white shrimp are available at fine grocers in the following convenient styles and sizes:

Thai Gold Head-onRaw Head-On - with head and shell-on; just as they are harvested, These unprocessed shrimp are flash frozen and shipped for the gourmet shrimp lover.

Available sizes* in 600g box:
30/40 40/50
50/60 60/70

Thai Gold Head-offRaw Shell-On, Headless; ready to stir-fry, grill, or broil, these perfect shrimp are a quick-cook, protein-packed, delicious dinner solution.

Available sizes* in 500g or 600g boxes:
16/20 21/25 26/30
31/35 31/40 41/50
51/60 61/70 71/90

Thai Gold Peeled and DeveinedRaw Peeled Shrimp; perfect in stir-fries, soups, salads, or any sea-food dish, these firm and flavourful shrimp are a quick cooking and elegant part of any dinner.

Available sizes* in 500g box:
21/25 26/30 31/40
41/50 51/60 61/70

*Shrimp are sized and sold according to how many shrimp together weigh one pound. 30/40 shrimp per pound means much bigger individual shrimp than 100/120 shrimp per pound. Choose the size that best suits your recipe.

Other Products

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American Markets

In the U.S.A. you will find the same quality Thai Gold Shrimp in a different array of convenient styles and packaging.

Thai Gold Cooked ShrimpThai Gold Raw ShrimpThai Gold Seafood Sensation